About CascadesDB

CascadesDB is a database of molecular dynamics simulations of collision cascades, developed by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The project was initiated by the 5th meeting of the IAEA's Code Centres Network in November 2017 to enhance the usage and long-term curation of collisional cascade simulations for the analysis and prediction of radiation damage in materials for fusion and fission applications.

There are currently about 815 GB of data in 17024 simulations across 320 archives.

Advisory Board

The development and maintenance of CascadesDB is overseen by an international scientific committee with the following membership:

Contributing Data

To contribute data to CascadesDB, please contact Christian Hill. Simulation data should consist of archives of plain-text xyz files along with optional supplementary files such as simulation code input files. Such archives may contain several simulations differing only in the PKA recoil direction or initial lattice thermalization. Metadata, as described in the documentation may be provided in XML or plain-text format.

Collisional cascade due to a 200 keV primary knock-on atom in tungsten
An illustration of the simulated collisional cascade in tungsten initiated by a 200 keV recoil from an impact with an energetic neutron.
Image courtesy of Andrea Sand, University of Helsinki.